Specialty Care


Specialized Chronic Health Treatments:
Diabetes Doctor, Cancer Treatment, & More

Find the treatment you need to manage your chronic conditions with services from Premium Care Clinic, in Loma Linda, California. We work to treat and prevent all types of chronic health problems. Through diabetes care, cancer treatment, and other options, we help improve the health and quality of life of all types of individuals.


Personalized Treatments
In Loma Linda, California

If you are dealing with hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic medical problems, please call now to schedule an appointment. Our diabetes doctor works to make sure you receive the latest and most effective treatments for you condition.

With each visit, you will get specialized treatment from a highly trained physician. The services you'll receive on a typical visit may include a complete physical exam, prescribing of medication (including preventative medicine), ordering cancer screenings and organ labs, and other general medical care.

We recommend scheduling an appointment every three to six months depending on your specific case to ensure treatment is successful.